greg (grysar) wrote,


After an uneventful but neat set of flights I'm now in my hotel in Kyoto. We haven't done much more than arrive though I did take a quick jaunt through the interesting neighborhood of our hotel. I'm using a japanese keyboard that's vaguely freaking me out but is rather cool when I can get it to work properly.

I think i'll go off to bed, but first I`ll note a few observations
Blinking lights: a curving median strip i saw running through an intersection had blinking lights, seems like a good idea. There were also a few police around the hotel in two different locations, not sure why, but at least one of them had a vest with not just reflectors but blinking lights, i was amused.

Product control stickers. Both convience stores where i bought drinks put a bit of tape/brand sticker on the bottles after i payed for them.

Japanese house slippers, at least those provided by the hotel, are not made for feet of my size.

I should have more to say once we start seeing sights and shows
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