greg (grysar) wrote,

Douglas Adams died, his works had been a foundation in my youth, a constant presence in my associates, and a source of continuing amusement...

Sadly, it was a foundation I took for granted, I assumed all had read hitchhikers, grew annoyed at unoriginal references and only occasionally read over my 'complete' bible and those works it excluded. Happily I had recently reread 'The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul' which was my first book of his, a gift for which I am still grateful. I had little hope of much new content, but did hold a torch for a third Dirk Gentley.

Nonetheless, my admiration for him had never gone away. I doubt there necessarily would have ever been a Hitchhikers movie, or even that it was necessarily a good idea. However, I would have liked to know him, and respected those other projects he worked on.

A common theme I see in his works is the loss of that which is beautiful or precious for senseless reasons. I feel that way about his still young death. Loss was not the only theme though, humor abounds and on occasion we may find new joy.

Good bye Douglas Adams, you were a great man who gave many troubled souls great pleasure. So Long and thanks for all the stories, and if there should be a heaven I'll be expecting more books to read should I get there. But for what you have done here you will always have my gratitude.

As for me, its time to reexamine my foundations, and see what else I take for granted.
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