greg (grysar) wrote,


For unclear reasons, probably involving jetlag, I got rather sick yesterday. Other possibilities include trying octopus for the first time. Fortunately, after getting a ridiculous amount of sleep I'm feeling a lot better this morning.

Happier events of yesterday included visiting a few neat temples and shrines, as well as seeing a large number of Kimono clad individuals celebrating the fact that they turn twenty this year. We didn't see any of the festivities themselves but huge crowds nicely dressed afterwards were quite a treat. I got some pictures, though some of my group got way more, hopefully i'll be able to get duplicates.

One last note before I go, apparently modern kimono wearing often involves a fur for warmth. Myself, as well as a few others of my party, weren't impressed from a fashion sense. It seemed a bit gaudy. In my opinion the kimono-wearers looked better w/o it or w/ a overjacket instead.
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