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  • 22:33 RT @jeremyscahill: Blackwater Attempted to Bribe Iraqi Officials after Nisour Sq: (via @attackerman) #
  • 01:01 New Post: Preliminary Droid Review: I am generally pleased. There's many lauditory reviews so I'll foc.. #
  • 11:04 New Post: Ta-Nehisi Coates gets me excited about Dragon Age: I've been a bit meh on Bioware's new game.. #
  • 16:02 Enough with the fancy cupcakes! (via @ezraklein) I agree, a lot of these new desert shops are decadent but not tasty. #
  • 18:54 RT @daveweigel: Lou Dobbs leaving CNN to spend more time with his racism: (via @mattyglesias) About effing time. #
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