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  • 22:08 I'm probably going to buy a new case for my desktop in the next few months. Keeping the internals though. Any brand recommendation? #
  • 01:07 New Post: 153 billion dollars: That's the amount, in 2008 dollars, we've spent on contracts performed .. #
  • 08:48 Amanda Waller to be on smallville in january! #
  • 10:30 Sam Parker on the tribulations of the Iraqi election law (ARB) (via @abuaardvark) #
  • 10:32 Key take away on iraqi election law: Kirkuk status to be resolved by UN moderated negotiation rather than referendum. Surprisingly sensible. #
  • 20:09 I think my time with ea activelife is paying off, I managed a sustained run to the train this morning despite my backpack. Next: pushups. #
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