greg (grysar) wrote,

Movie sign

I'm currently taking a comparative lit class on world film. Monday nights we get to watch movies in a well suited lecture hall in Susquehanna hall, which is right next to Commons. Thought I'd post the schedule if anyone would like to see free movies with me :)

2/11 Yin shi nan nu [Eat, Drink. Man, Woman] D: Ang Lee. China
2/18 The Siege D: Edward Zwick, USA
2/25 Maachis D: Gulzar, India
3/4 The Crying Game D: Neil Jordan, Ireland
3.11 La femme nikita D: Luc Besson. France
3/18 Memento D: CHristopher Nolan. USA
4/1 Lola rennt (Run Lola Run). D: Tom Twyker German
4/8 Hyenes (Hyenas) D: Djibril Diop Mambety Senegal
4/15 Leila D: Dariyush Mihrjui Iran
4/22 Shall We Dance? D: Masayuki Suo, Japan
4/29 Life is Beautiful D: Robert Benigni Italy
5/6 Traffic D: Steven Soderberg USA
5/13 Animal Appetites D: Michael Cho, USA

No RSVP needed, but if you give me warning, I'll make popcorn or some other appropriate snack.
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