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Joy, rapture, and productivity

I'm having a beautiful spring break. It's been completely busy though with enough time to nap and sleep. I've hung with Blairites, parents, and those college friends still in the area.

Caught three movies, ET with parents, which was nice and hopeful, Blade II with many a person, which was cool, and Scotland, PA with Andrew, Liz, and Moti, which was terrific.

I give it a whole hearted recommendation! That is to say, see this movie! If you don't see it in theaters you'll get your chance when Moti and I buy our own versions.

In other news, my birthday is April 6. I've been stalling on a wish list so i guess I'll mention a few things now. I don't by any means expect most of this stuff, and things not on the list are quite welcome, encouraged even. The list is simply a guide for the uncreative :).
Shakespeare theater has complete plays on a poster, I'd want Hamlet or Macbeth
Family tree of the Greek gods, available in a bookstore in Dupont but not in stock at the moment, they said they'd order it for me

True quality sci-fi, I haven't read enough
A complete works fo Shakespeare, i don't see anyone actually getting this, but if you want to you may want to talk to me first, as Sandy Mac promised to recommend a good one if I asked
Cookbooks maybe

DVDs are cool, as are CDs... umm, I'm looking to complete my Bebop collection, i guess you can ask if you want to know what i want

So those are ideas made easy. If you want to get me something, don't want to think, and are dissatisfied with these choices, feel free to whine and I'll respond as best as I can :).
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