greg (grysar) wrote,


I just got the equivalent of a two-day early birthday present from one of my teachers, and am perhaps as happy as I can remember since at least new year's.

I got back a paper in Engl391 that had 'please see me after class written at the top'. I stayed after, and it turns out he thought my paper, an analysis of a peer-reviewed article's argument, was the example of what he was looking for in the assignment. The teacher, Mark Arnold, he's a linguistics grad student, wanted to put the paper on his web site, and would in exchange happily give me a recommendation if I so asked!

Of course I gave him permission, but it felt so damn good. Flattery from a respected source can go a long way. I loved being called sophisticated, being asked if I was getting any benefit from the easier material, and hearing that I could probably do most of these assignments in my sleep. But as one who is quite capable of flattery when I so desire, the best part was getting respect for my not-so-vaunted communication skills. I'm somewhat insecure about them, and not without good reason, so it feels terrific to apply myself and be told that I do, in fact, kick ass.

So, I'll go glow elsewhere now.
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