greg (grysar) wrote,

Crabs are one of few foods that one can take pride in eating.

This is not immediately apparent by watching people tear through the shells and suck out the meat. Quite the opposite even, it recalls barbarism. Aside from napkins, smooth tables, superior mallets and sharp knives the techniques are unchanged.

Fun and taste are paramount, but style lingers behind them. Delight in or disparage the tools, savor flavors or quickly pile the carcasses, unleash destruction, ravaging that which would protect the meat or used civilized... naw, ravaging is the only option. The joy mimics that of the cook, the meal challenges the eater, the rituals may be done in many ways, but they must be accomplished to feast.

Besides which, how often after a meal can one truly gaze triumphant over the remains of the conquered.

I had great fun today, hiking with Danielle and her father, Josh, Reene, and Kobi, i could even recall 22 of my merit pages, more than i needed for eagle and my badge is safeguarded once again. We had a tremendous meal afterwards, and I am now further inspired to plan the eastern shore trip.
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