greg (grysar) wrote,

A lovely weekend

I had a good time this weekend, particularly considering most of it was spent working Only down note is the 10 page paper I haven't started that is due tomorrow, but it will probably all be spent analyzing Machiavelli and they don't care about cites so it should be fun and not take more than, say, all the time between now and when it is due ;p.

Most fun I had this weekend was hanging with Reene, Coby, and Moti, which included great food (not surprising given the presence of Coby) and the acquisition of materials to frame my Lena cel. The main other fun thing oddly enough was one of the longer Lutheran church services I've been to, it was the installation/promotion of a pastor at my home church in Silver Spring. There was much good music, including a brass section and a drum, it worked really nicely. That and the sermon was a good one by a past the presiding bishop (highest rank for my branch of Lutheranism) that included a good argument for female priests and a few jabs or two at the catholics for not getting over the sexism. He also mentioned that we aren't so great and have only been enlightened in the later half of this century, but still....

I've been in a great mood all night, with edits in from Liz everything seems to be in perspective, which I haven't felt in at least a semester. This next week is gonna be tough, but that'll make it all the more satisfying when its bones are strewn behind me. :)
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