greg (grysar) wrote,

Shall We Dance?

I just saw a Japanese movie called shall we dance, it was beautiful, well written, entertaining, and a wide variety of other gushy adjectives. Most impressive, it dealt with the problems people have when the plot doesn't require them to be stupid, and when there are those around them with benevolent, not malevolent tendencies.

Life in Shall We Dance isn't easy, solutions aren't sudden, people hurt but can heal, and trust rules above all.

This movie is now in my top ten, think I'll buy a copy, maybe learn from it.....

I'd like to learn to dance someday, but not in the immediate future, I realized not so long ago that I've disliked dance parties all my life and wanting to like them doesn't cut it in the slightest. I may change that one day, but for now I have other priorities.
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