greg (grysar) wrote,

Star Wars

Saw it opening night at the uptown :)
Which was fun, but the film quality suffered some because it was converted from digital to film, so I'm gonna try to see it at a digital theater.

Mini review sans spoilers

Action was good to great, I enjoyed the politics, though they were a bit more fleshed out in episode i, i'm sure i've enjoyed both ep i and ii more than many people because i find the idea of galactic cspan intriguing

many problem was that it wasn't daring, the dialogue wasn't inspiring or overly memorable, i liked the characters, can't really say on acting, i'm actually a fairly poor judge of acting. All in all, Lucas played it safe with this film, avoided the mistakes from last time, gave the people what they wanted, but didn't really reach for the stars, but i think that could come in ep iii pretty easily. All in all I enjoyed it a lot
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