greg (grysar) wrote,

Election Judge Greg

I'm a check in judge tomorrow for Maryland's primary election. Won't be an exciting job, though at least they put great emphasis on application of common sense and there is a handy manual that will handle most things. Though, I've decided that learning about a boring job is far less exciting then doing the job itself, fortunately after having done it once, even though I'll likely do the general election as well, I won't really have to pay attention at any future training.

Should be cool though, to see the new electronic voting machines rolled out, I'm satisfied with the system and hopefully the margin of error for voting will drop substantially. Its also cool to have a position whose title is Judge, beats the hell out of being a clerk really even though the work is more of that sort.

Now to sleep, so that I can be at the polls at 6 am. Will be an interesting change from electioneering at least.
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