greg (grysar) wrote,

Fun in Hawaii

I've had fun being out here a few days. I've mostly spent time with my parents as we do a lot during the day and I'm a lazy greg when I don't have particular goals in mind. Hiking has been terrific, everywhere around Honololo has terrific views and I've gotten to wander on demijungle trails fraught with ridges and waterfalls.

I've hit a local museum, and was satisfied if not impressed, holding out on a leau for now as they are quite expensive and all seem touristy. Unfortunately my friend Caleb doesn't get out here til the fourth so I haven't been out doing college student type activities.

I'm going to the Pearl Harbor memorial on Wednesday and tommorow will be going around the island, both should be quite interesting. On a more relaxed day I'm going to try to make a go out the nightlife.

My trouble is figuring out what I'd enjoy, learning experiences are all well and good but I don't really care to do bars or clubs alone. I'm thinking I'll find a place that will have music I enjoy or spend time at the beach but that only sort of excites me. In a pinch I'll just enjoy myself on a trip to Hawaii with my parents, which is quite a fun time.

I feel that I should do more on my own, but I'll either find a choice that excites me or ignore the impulse til I meet up with Caleb. I'm here to have fun, and that shall be my primary concern.
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