greg (grysar) wrote,

We now return to our regularly scheduled Greg

I've now finished and posted what is likely to be the largest piece of fiction I'll ever write. (And I'm not counting policy statements)

It had been for a fanfic with original anime type story, one for which Moti has written far more parts than I. Took bloody forever even with a dedicated proofreader. Mainly because I am not a great, let alone a fast, writer. Well at least it was fun, even if it did suck up all of my productivity.

I post the URL of the series for reference. Its fairly long, not all that great, and comes as episode 41 of a fanfic so the characters are well established and it's not really an easy point to jump into it.

Now, to devote the effort that went into this into finishing my part time contract and getting a full-time job. Whee.
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