greg (grysar) wrote,

In dreams...

I had a fun dream the other night. I've recently been remembering quite a few recently; probably because I've been waking up earlier interrupting an REM phase.

Any ways, it was Tuesday night, aka Buffy Night, and I actually had a dream where for a good portion I got to be a slayer with a few extra powers. Occasional flight, rather difficult wall climbing, that sort of thing. The extra powers were had an eastern mystical feel and I didn't actually master them. There were quite a great number of vampiric baddies around, a previous section of the dream ended in a phyric victory with most of the crew of good guys getting turned. Oddly enough they were hanging around the same house where I had to sleep and made a real nuisance of themselves, with a few exceptions. Fortunately, the exception was the only interesting characters and none of the vamps were even people I knew.

The dream had an oddly consistent somewhat suspenseful plot line. It didn't completely make sense, but at least things that were true in one scene were true in the next. That often isn't true in my dreams. In fact, things tends to change from second to second, particularly when I lose track of a line of thought.

So it was a lot of fun, although I've decided that my dreams really need better writing. I'm not even griping about cliches here, consistent plot line and a couple interesting characters, particularly an interesting protagonist is all I ask. My dreams have been less game like and more story like lately, which I suppose is reassuring, except the stories suck. I don't even tend to identify with the main character, which is a real problem in that I am the main character, most of the time at least.

Not sure what the hell I can do about this, but let it be known to my subconscious mind, I want better plotting! Or at very least cool supporting characters and a consistent protagonist.

That's enough rant for tonight I think.
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