greg (grysar) wrote,

Uncomfortable extroversion and a lass with a bright political future.

So, yesterday I went out to do political canvassing with my Dad, who is a democratic precinct chair. This basically consists of knocking on the doors of registered Democrats, reminding that the election is a week from Tuesday, and encouraging them to vote for our candidates for governor and representative. Now as a kid I was happy to do lit drops (leaving literature by door knobs and such), but I never wanted to actually deal with the people; once I even got ask in no uncertain terms to leave for backing Clinton.

Anyway at this point I'm more of an extrovert and don't mind knocking, though I don't like intruding on people's privacy any more than I have to. By comparison I don't mind handing out lit a polling places or Metro stations because that's not interrupting someone's life at home and it takes up rather little of there time.

It went fairly well, I was even invited in to talk for a bit twice. One time by an older woman who had been a regular voter but wasn't sure if she'd be able to make it to her polling place this time for health reasons. She liked me and thought I had potential as a politician, the kinda thing I like to hear, particularly when it isn't sarcasm. ;p

My glee at hearing this was later somewhat diminished when she asked my name, and upon hearing Greg said, "Isn't that a boy's name?"
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