greg (grysar) wrote,


Well, if I'm moody in the next few days it should not be remotely difficult to figure out why.

Even so, its still feels better to lose an election big time than to have one stolen by the Supreme Court. Also helped that my county did just fine, turnout was great, we came out strong in the races I cared about and most of the races overall. One of relatively few happy moments for the Democrats was taking the seat in our county that had been held by a moderate Republican. There isn't a chance that in the forcible future the Republicans are gonna get that seat back.

Any ways, my analysis is agrees with the common viewpoint that this election is best characterized as a victory for President Bush. He stumped hard and managed to gain seats in a year he should have lost them, particularly given the state of the economy.

This happened in large part because the Democrats did not offer a compelling alternative. Key word, compelling. Merely standing up to the President might have helped but it would not have been enough. Even at our best Iraq would keep Democrats from dominating the election, as we were up again a politically astute and popular President.

Our best platform would probably be one of fiscal responsibility and accountability. To do so we'd have to ditch our Party Chairman who had in the past worked at Global Crossing, one of the corrupt companies and actually presented a real plan on Social Security. I mean hell, I'm a Democratic partisan, and I'll be the first to admit that our plans for Social Security are fiscally irresponsible BS that plays to the fears of today's elderly by screwing the next generation.

Regardless, if we'd tried to offer an agenda we might have been able to counter the President's impact and the election might have been a wash. Instead we got beat badly for nothing and are left poorly positioned for 2004.

In the end, I'm left to take comfort in the fact that we can still filibuster Bush's Supreme Court Nominees. Which I consider to be a damn good idea. After all, we don't want to lose the next Presidential election 6-3 rather than 5-4, that would just be embarrassing.
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