greg (grysar) wrote,

Vacationing joy

I've had a great two days, today I went to see Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. The museum and movie there were quite well done and balanced. The Memorial was simple and moving.

Later today I had hung out by the beach, went out into the Ocean by Waikiki, sunbath, and got 'kissed' by a parrot. I was rather suprised by how rocky (mainly coral chunks) the beach was beyond 15 feet out, I tested by agility dancing along the bottom and repeatedly diving for coral chunks that strongly resembled shells from the surface. The parrot had been when I was sunbathing, guys wander around with parrots here, and ask if you want a picture with them, I'm assuming this results in money changing hands but I had no Camera or wallet at the time so I failed to snag one.

I was lying down, trying to tan, and reading Shogun as I saw a parrot, one of the two the gentlemen had, wobble up to me on the beach. The vendor was distracted by another mark/client and didn't noticed until after the parrot came right up to me and lightly pecked me on the top lip.

He said it liked me and was talking to it about flirting with strangers. I guess my element really may be air, most land based animals are ambivelent or hostile towards me, go figure.

Before coming here I ate dinner at a place where diners barbaque their own meat. My dad and I cooked the fish (Ahi or MahiMahi) well, but the chicken was only good, and the fish-kabob was mediocre at best. Nonetheless an interesting experience, I need more practice grilling though.

Yesterday we traversed the island by road. There are so many small mountains by the beaches here, they are covered in green ascend above the mists and are quite beautiful. We saw much of Oahu as well as a Temple which replicated one in Japan, the Dole Pineapple plantation, which had a terrific maze, I'll save it for another entry though. Also I saw an ancient Hawaiian temple and quite a nice outlook which was the sight of the battle that unified the island and resulted in thousands of warriors being pushed back over a cliff, and a large, if gorgeous, one at that.

Let me know if you want a postcard. I haven't been great at pictures so far as typically Mom handles the camera, I take them often but she's the biggest picture freak in the family. She's also most responsible with the camera. Though lately she's been losing sunglasses as often as I do, worrisome....

I'll try to do more camera work on the next islands, I brought my own, I just need to start carrying it.
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