greg (grysar) wrote,

Redundant Party Announcement with proposed date of Friday Nov. 22

I sent out an e-mail about this, but I post here in case I missed anyone. The only real change from the original is that I am now proposing Friday November 22nd as the date. (Thanksgiving is the 28th)

So, party and Reene, Coby, and now my place. Watching Apocalypse Now Redux on Coby's lovely high definition TV. Though in case that turns out to be unenjoyable I'll have fellowship of the ring extend version as a backup. Many will think that ordering is perverse, for these people, alternate entertainment shall be arranged before hand if they want to come to hang out.

Food planned:
Buffalo wing, Gumbo, Spinach dip, Bruschetta, and Raymond's cheesecake type dessert. Other food and drinks are also welcome. I don't intend this to be an alcohol oriented party, but feel free to bring drinks of your choice.

RSVPs highly encouraged: Liz, Matt, John, and Raymond have talked to me though some before I nailed down the date. This is an open invite, but I will cut it off in the unlikely event that I've got enough people that the apartment will be getting overcrowded.
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