greg (grysar) wrote,

Short Ramblings

I've managed to get my room clean and organized over the last week. This is somewhat amazing for those of you familiar with my living conditions. More amazing is the fact that my room actually seems to be staying clean with little or no effort on my part. In addition, I can actually find stuff quickly. And I'd always dismissed such possibilities as merely propaganda by those with a bit too much Order in their alignment.

Skeptics can see for themselves at my party this Friday. Oh, and as a side note, it is now basically closed invitation. So if you want to bring people you haven't already mentioned please say so.

On another note, I've finally upgrade to a paid account. A lot of the cash for Moti's camera, (from which we still haven't seen pictures.. get on it man! ) went into paypal so I've been spending it on Internet stuff. Amusingly, I had some difficulty finding the link for paid accounts and a few times I tried and it was down. To reiterate Live journal in general was up but the way to send them money was down. Bless their new economy hearts. ;p
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