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Fun with Piracy

I've finally taken the time to rip all of my CDs, or at least all that I could fine. I have around 45 and could around 37. I've actually got enough music I have rights to on my machine that I'm gonna try to wean myself off the pirated MP3s. I'll make exceptions for AMVs and a couple other situations, but that'll bring me down to a few score songs, which I'm willing to accept.

However, due to the poor job I do protecting and caring for my CDs, many of them are marked up and the rips I made are consequently far from click free. Now, I am no master of copyright law, but I am perfectly content to use rips other people have made for songs that I have legal access to. So, if I rip a song I had previously found online, and the pirated one is higher quality, I'll stick with that. This may well also be illegal, but I just don't seem to care.

So, once I have a full time job I think I'll go on a CD buying binge to fill out my collection. Then I'll rip the CDs immediately and keep them somewhere nice and safe from the big bad world that wants to scratch them (read me).

Sadly, due to the poor job I do looking after them
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