greg (grysar) wrote,

Penultimate Party Posting

Movie start: 7 pm ish
Movie: I'm gonna be generous and actually offer choices, vote will be held at party though late comers could vote by comment.
1) Apocalypse Now Redux
Long movie with extra scenes. The extra stuff I'm told tends to drag and has lower production values, so this is the better choice for MST3King
2) Apocalypse Now [original]
MSTing still ok, but in terms of quality this is the better of the two. I think I'll like it, although some people hate, which is why I offer the vote.
3) LoTR extended. John's bring it. You people are geeks so I'm not gonna explain the concept.
4) Casablanca. A standard length movie that rather kicks ass, a choice if people decide they want a more straight up shorter movie experience intermixed with socializing.
Other notes:
Bob needs a ride from the Metro at around 5:30 pm, That convenient for anyone?

We could use some chips and soda. Any kind of chips that would work with a spinach dip should be fine. For Sodas, whatever people could bring would be nice. One or the other are certainly not mandatory, but if you care to bring something and don't know what yet, go for one of those, and make a comment about it.

p.s. By the subject I reserve the right to make an additional posting, why tempt fate by declaring something one's final posting. :)
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