greg (grysar) wrote,

Home again

Trip over, I may feel like doing a cousin's wedding summary in a bit, but am not in the mood right now. Lots of work, no caterers so family did a lot. Still went reasonably well.

In other news, saw Much Ado About Nothing today with Kate, had a great time.

I don't think Much Ado is all that amazing of a play, the second half concentrates on poor Hero and her jerk fiancee/husband. I think the play would be better if they dropped that whole story line and just stick with the Beatrice Benedick romantic comedy. Its cute, they're witty, they spar, a good time is had by all.

The comedy with the constables and the watch is the only real funny stuff with the primary love story and even it is hardly Shakespeare's best low comedy. All the love story accomplishes is to make Claudio and Don Predo unsympathetic. Now I'm not saying their characters should be discarded, they are quite hilarious in eavesdropping scenes, which I think are good enough to redeem the play even though about half the plot sucks.

To be clear, I'm bashing the material, not the performance, I thought the performance was just fine.

Any ways, random note, if you have not seen Scotland PA. I recommend it, trippy MacBeth at its best. Kate mentioned a trippy MacBeth and I was reminded how good that movie is.
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