greg (grysar) wrote,


I really enjoy this show, but I'd enjoy it a lot more if Jack Bauer's daughter wasn't such a twerp.

So, first off, she works for stupid people, the husband's abusive and the wife takes it and lets her beat the kid. Now I'm not saying that she really should have known, but given she was a terrible judge of people in the last series two, I'm starting to think her intuition is obviously highly lacking.

Now, after some abuse happens she drives off with the kid. She encounters troubles, fair enough, eventually gets to CTU. Props for that. Then the two go to a hospital, the nurse notices the kids abused, and Kim gets offended. She knows the dad's abusing the kid, does she say that? Nope.

Later she finds out LA may be getting Nuked, so she calls some male friend, tells him about the nuke, and says they've got to go save the kid. Now, admittedly he may just be humoring her, and the plan to save the kid is not so shabby. But doesn't she have friends? It's not her kid, now kids are cute and all, but why save her. Reene points out that she may simply not have any other friends, and wants to raise one, easy as the kid's been abused and her parents may die in the explosion. Fair enough, maybe she's not a fool, but that's still pretty pathetic.

All in all, 24's writers can do good political thrillers, but while the human interest segments are high drama, I just don't care about the characters. Least Bauer's wife and Palmer's son in the last one were occasionally cool. I think 24 is worth watching, but all told if I ever get the DVDs I'd like the option to turn off the story segments that annoy me. ;P

One other comment Jack Bauer is cold. I mean James Bond cold. Now Bond is far harsher and more suave when it comes to sex, and Bauer isn't as cool, but still...
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