greg (grysar) wrote,

Leaving the Big Island

I write form the 1 public internet access place I could find on the big Island/Hawaii. Intuitively enough its the biggest of the chain of islands, though is more agrarian and less touristy aside from a few resort communities.

Technically I've got to go now, but my parents aren't back from a walk so I'll write til then. I love my readers, but I'm not going to miss lunch, or a plane.

I visited Volcanos National Park a few days ago and had a photorific time. I went through most of a roll of film as well as more tropical forest, a lava tube, and many a volcanic crater. The craters were quite large, sensibly covered in volcanic rock, and had a profusion of steam vents. We took a nice 7 mile walk around, then drove and saw more of the park.

Unfortunately I only saw molten lava at quite a distance, the closest park road only gets with 6 miles of it. There is a trail for 200 yards then the many walkers there are on their own. Its just a walk over more volcanic rock, but the beach cliffs near the edge are quite unstable, sulfur poses a breathing risk, rocks can be shoot out at great spead and methane gas from burned plants can explode. Sadly, i saw none of that cool stuff. We had a picnic a bit beyond the 200 yards and could see glowing orange spot in the lave flow in a hill miles ahead of us but not much more.

My parents weren't to eager to get much closer, and we lacked the equipment we should have had, specifically binoculars, sort of lost by me earlier, and a flashlight. We had gone at dusk, which apparently is the best time to see molten lava, hence the flashlight requirement. The reluctance to trek closer though proved fairly irrelevent as clouds settled down blocking view shortly after our picnic.

Low level clouds abound here, I gush about the misty mountains and have often felt the sprinkle of walking through a cloud bank. I love them, but they can block the view from higher elevations.

I'm probably almost out of time, so other things I've done recently,
saw a luhau (and mispelled one I think)
got a tour of a coffee plantation which was fun and educational
seen more of the trains of Hawaii, they are few in number, and a bit about Tsunami wreckage, the wave, not the magazine.
and seen neat Hawaiin cultural historical sites, including a palace complex and a site where one could run after breaking Kapu (a rigid code of taboos). Course everyone tried to kill you til you got there, but if you survived, absolution ceramony and all is well.

Bye, hope i can find more places in Kuwai.
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