greg (grysar) wrote,

Zombie hunting!

So I'm throwing this out there as I'm not sure if it's one of my zany ideas or one of the crazy one's that I should let die. I came up with it after playing the 'They Hunger' Half-Life mod before I put the completed Half-Life back in Moti's closet.

The game's been a lot of fun, except for the zombie cops who shoot too fast and too well and move quickly. They even snipe at times, and dang it, zombies don't snipe! But more important I've been able to take a shotgun to many a zombie head, what more can one ask for from life? At least, that's what I thought until I got to play with the zombie slaying train! It's my new coolest thing ever, on top of even pinball.

Moving on, my idea is for an online quiz: "If I were a Zombie, what weapon would be used to slay me." Weapon choice is key in these games because of the death dealing potential of zombies, their vast numbers, and the need for ammo conservation. I really think people should know if they'd merit a shotgun blast, or if zombie hunters should run around them, or worse yet dispatch them with a baseball or some other weak melee weapon.

I'd appreciate input, and if this seems like a worthwhile idea, lemme know who are the zombie hunters out there who'd be willing to consult.
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