greg (grysar) wrote,

Topless fun

I've gotten to play with a convertable for the past two days! Even got to drive it, though it cost an extra $15 a day. Sorry to use blatant sensationalism in the subject, but hey, its sweeps... :)

We've now seen the West and East sides of Kuwa'i. Its quite attractive, on the west side there is a volcanic canyon which Mark Twain supposedly called the 'Grand Canyon of the pacific' Its disputed and I don't buy it, he'd have said something more interesting.
On the east side I took a terrific hike, right along the ocean up and down ridges that had occasional streams running through them. I actually hiked ahead of parents for most of it, which is unusual because they're good hikers, the terrain was quite rocky though, not increadibly hard, but the sort I thrive on.
We went 2 miles, which took a long time, but ended in this cool hiking accessable only beach, and there was even this big creek that could only be crossed by stepping stones! I love this stuff.

Earlier a hiker had claimed it was a nudist one (not an entirely deceptive subject) but this was not supported based on what I saw. Though their were a good number of hot people on the trail, both male and female, often in only beach apparell, I'd recommend it to any hikers out there, I'll have pictures when i get back, though not of the hot people, sorry.

Anyways I'm running this of a free internet access place, and only have 10 minutes to type, and no control key and right click is questionable, so I can't even bloody copy. So I'm mercifully briefer and sadly less grammatical.

I've been able to check my email here, but as the control key doesn't work, I can't send anything from pine. Foolish people, they forgot to prevent use of telnet from the url address window :), unlike a certain exquisite LA library.

You people are geeks, tell me how to send mail w/o control key

and I'm out of time
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