greg (grysar) wrote,

Making no Little Plans

New World Trade Center replacement designs are out, they are actually interesting and audacious, not too mention big. About bloody time.

All right, quickie nationalist screed, promise three nonpolitical entries before my next one.

One of the most sickening pieces of drivel I read after the attack decried the American tendency to build big buildings as some sort of insult to the rest of the world. Completely wrong that, America is no shire, we're willing to make audacious moves and big plans and that's a good part of the reason why our enemies at this point our sniveling and weak. In this world, democracies, civilization, the forces of good, have an overwhelming power advantage. There is still much poverty and evil about, but the percentage of the world in which it is rampant is probably less than at any time in history.

As a necessary caveat, America has been responsible for acts of evil and set backs to the good parts of the world I'm praising right now. Some may have been necessary, most certainly were not and these acts are inexcusable. Nonetheless, our repentance for these deeds should come not in the form of withdrawal but by tying our power, aggression, and ideas closer to our core democratic values.
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