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Got a mini remote control car from Coby, fun stuff. And it finally gives me a reason to hold a little party and play with mind storms. I figure we can act out the age-old conflict between programmed machines and remote control machines in the wonder that is my living room, or perhaps some other room which has a large tiled floor. Mini remote control cars are fast, and human controlled of course, but small and not very powerful. Legos of course offer far more customizability, and even a level of remote control (which I'll probably restrict) and can be much larger. Hopefully competition would equal that of say Godzilla versus Mecha Godzilla.

Or maybe Coby and I will just use a bunch of bugles as miniture traffic cones and race around the kitchen floor, whatever. :p

[End hair brained scheme section, begin gaming section]

So, I've also been playing Planescape Torment lately. Old CRPG, and I can easily say that it is the best computer RPG I've every played. I even prefer it to the video game ones, but I haven't played enough console classics to really make any such pronouncement.

So many things to gush about, its funny, well written, and dialog intense, really dialog intense. Combat is there, but your character is an Immortal, so it's not all that important and often unnecessary. I'm currently working on some puzzles in a place cakked the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lustn, sort of like the whole Whore of Mensa thing, place where people go to pay for conversation, the whole game is full of weird stuff like that and I love it. But, to gush in an interesting manner I'd have to give stuff away,.so I'll stop here.

[Games->Random cartoons]
I'm surprised to find I'm liking Home Movies on Adult Swim, tonight was a pretty funny episode on a war between a Sci-Fi con and Renfest,. Occasional makes me wonder if stuff I've avoided like Ripping Friends, Courage, or Aquateen Hunger Force is any good, although whenever I watch an episode I hate it, so that's just as well.

Although I think I'll give a little more time to the stuff and doesn't impress me but isn't painful. So, right now, I'm giving Mission Hill a chance. Anyone want to let me know if its worth my time?
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