greg (grysar) wrote,

New Year's Eve (Tuesday) Get Together

Some of my friends were looking together and party on New Years eve and we decided to hold one at my place. So the rest of you crew are also welcome to attend if you're looking for a fairly low-key New Years celebration. This isn't one of my usual food oriented soirees, although some food will be available. It would be greatly appreciated if guests could bring party food/deserts/drinks to share.

Real party starts at 10 PM. There's a UMCP game on at 7 PM and some friends had expressed interest in seeing that first. So if you wanna see come then, otherwise If you don't like football, you are still welcome to come at 7, so long as you can entertain yourself via snarky comments or the like. :P

If you are interested please RSVP. Since this is short notice, don't feel obligated to send declining RSVPs, I'll just assume you can't make it. If you can bring any food lemme know and you or I can post it on this lj-entry to better coordinate.

People currently known to be interested: Shimin, Raymond, Shawn Kwang, Jason Ernst, Caleb, Jim, David Chen. I'll keep this list updated as I get RSVPs.

A redundant announcement will be sent via e-mail.
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