greg (grysar) wrote,

Actual stuff from my life for a change

I should still do a new years post, but I'll procrastinate more on that.

I'm interviewing tomorrow morning to get a position (probably non-paying) as an intern for Representative Hoyer, House Democratic Whip (#2 party leadership position). Luck for me he's from my state. I don't see this as a career starting thing, but have been credibly advised that congressional internships are worth doing. Not to mention the fact that I'm bloody sick of lacking a good answer for the question: 'So what do you do?'

Unrelated note one. MD people, wanna see Adaptation? I intend to this week, emails will be sent, but lemme know.

Unrelated not two, had fun going out for drink and dinner with Andrew and his friend Emma, who I've met a few times before and is pretty cool. Went over to Politics and Prose, a store in Chevy Chase, I'll trust you can figure out what it sells aside from the drinks we bought. It reminded me that I need to make more of an effort to read through the load of books I have now and to go out and acquire more stuff.

Also, I saw on a jacket. Apparently there's a official line lying to Americans about how much we eat and how little we exercises. Seems we're a fat nation, wow! thank goodness I saw that book, or I'd have never figured out it on my own and would have been stuck believing the lie. ;P
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