greg (grysar) wrote,

Job stuff

Did my internship interview earlier today. Seemed to go fairly well, said they'd check my references and get back to me in a week or so. My references are strong, so I should be fine.

Although, all things considered, I should be better at these sort of interviews. I mean I'm not terrible, more so mediocre. And I have skills and value I just don't do a terrific job at getting that across. It's not a confidence thing, heck I worry about coming across as arrogant, I think I just need more practice. So think I'll take a few days before my next State oral and just work out all my answers, as I know the job interview type questions. Seems like a bloody boring thing to do, but it's worth the effort.

I should also put in a Peace Corps application sometime next week, takes about six months to process so it'll end a few months after the internship does, giving me some travel time in the interim. This is all somewhat disturbing to me, because it feels like my life, the non-social part of it, is coming together, and most of it isn't through real effort on my part. That just seems wrong.

Nonetheless, in about a month and a week I'm gonna have my damnable masterpiece, or I suppose bachelor piece, program done, on which I did _all_ the bloody programming. And it will be an effing great tool. There's something damn reassuring about knowing I'll have something I can always look back to with pride.
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