greg (grysar) wrote,

Quickie reviews

Saw Chicago and Adaptation yesterday, thought both were good, but not as amazing as I expected.

Adaptation was quite funny, although I thought the big ending was sort of a let down. I get what the ending was supposed to be, but I'd have preferred one that was either far more over the top, think Bowfinger, or was more in the quirky style of the rest of the film. Though on the whole still an extremely funny and quite intelligent flick. Also on a random note, I think I got a rather different experience by knowing a key piece of info that all the reviews mentioned.

Chicago was all right, but it wasn't anything more than a movie doing a stage adaptation of the musical, with some witty court room satire, and big stars. Oddly enough for most of the movie I thought the blond wasn't Renee Zellwigger and was trying too hard to imitate her, turns out it was her. Main gripe was that I'd like the numbers to have taken full advantage of being a film, like Moulan Rouge did. Which is all right I suppose, but it relegates it to being a good movie rather than a great one. I also only really like several of the numbers, but that's more a critique of the original musical than the movie.
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