greg (grysar) wrote,

The ocean never quite scared me. I've been terrified of random poisonous creatures that dwell in it thanks to an Usborne book I had as a kid, but i've avoid deadly minioctopuses so i'd put that fear to rest. I'm fairly strong, and not overly foolish, so riptides and undertoes I figured I could deal with.

Waves were fun, and tides did kill my sandcastles, but my challenges of the ocean weren't ever true threats. I didn't encounter danger directly today, though i was impressed at a beach that was part of our bike tour today. We swam through near constant medium waves near the shoreline, I was disatisfied with my lateral progress, general speed, and the salt in my eyes. It was far harder than ocean swimming had been.

What affected me was for the first time I saw someone call for help. They had gotten a cramp fairly near shore, only 30 or so feet out I'm estimating. I hesitated for a sec, confused, but along with another couple headed out. I've got lifeguard training, but not for the ocean, they were faster so they ended up helping the guy back, as well as our tour guide with a flotation device. He was fine, i was thanked for my minor efforts by the other rescurers and glad that I could act in such a situation, even if it had not effect.

So I'm understanding the threat of the ocean more, but it still is quite beautiful to me, i'm not sure if that has changed at all either way.

My last post attempted failed so I'm taking a full 1:30 this time, sigh

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