greg (grysar) wrote,

Finished Violinist of Hamelin

Third series in a row I've watched lately after NTHT and Key, this was the one I needed a beer after. Certainly good though,

As Coby aptly put at the end. So the theme is 'love is evil'? Man..... I mean sure, life goes on to be good for all the non-protagonist, and Sizer, well she's alone, but she'll be able to deal. But flute.... Wow. ::Goes for second beer::

I'm amazed how many damn cool characters this series has. I mean flute and Obo have to be two of the coolest characters ever, the just rock, I could say intelligent things here, but really, gushing is the way to go.

I quite agree with Coby on the first being the better half. The whole bit with Slur was kind of off. Things were unnecessarily confusing, silent exposition has got to be one of the most annoying filmmaking tricks (and they do it three or more times), and I just don't care about Slur's royal family. They should have just done a series of Ovas, keep the focus on Sizer, maybe even keep in the Slur plot line, but cut it down dramatically. Also for most of that arc there isn't much of any magic music, one of the neatest parts of the series, sure there's the occasional bird attack, but that's all. Sigh.

Nonetheless, Ride of the Valkyries, on woodwinds... man...

But, how could they have a good grasp on love, and that ending.... with the tacked on fantasy flashback to make it even more depressing....

Well, that's enough of that, back to coherence.
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