greg (grysar) wrote,

Went to Mayakka state park again today. I'd gone a few years ago, canoeing in Florida, coming within 5' of the gators. That was a lot of fun, my parents weren't feeling like that this time for some reason :P but we still had a good time. Did an air-boat tour (think cross between pontoon boat and a bus) which was fun, got a few digital pictures that'll be online later.

Otherwise, saw the movie "Spell bound." Documentary on spelling bees, particularly the national competition. Incredibly suspenseful and rather fun. Got a 5.

It was well put together, followed the stories of eight different contenders from different regions with different outlooks. Moreover, it is just excrucitingly tense to watch those kids try to spell the words, particularly the tough ones that I didn't know.

If you think you could enjoy a full length documentary about spelling bees, then this is definately worth watching.

State of the Union: 2.5
Weird to see a short one of these. Nothing impressive but no real gaffes. As prep for war though, it wasn't enough. Even for when Powell breaks out impressive evidence in front of the security council. Didn't prepare the nation for sacrifice, didn't talk about a democratic Iraq.

I'm listening to the democratic response now. Pretty good.
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