greg (grysar) wrote,

Greg's not so exciting Katsu report

Did one day at Katsu, was all right, don't think I'll bother next year.
Did get to see Grave of the Fireflies for the first time (collector's edition even, don't know the difference). It is all that people claim it to be, which is impressive I even teared up a bit, and I almost never do that at movies.

Saw Banner of the Stars (sequel series to crest of stars). It was all right, but nothing really neat is happening yet. It's not really episodic at all and I haven't really been drawn into the main arc yet. They also over use some footage, should modify the informative info (not the intro sequence, the penning descriptive narration, telling who the sides are and the major leaders), and character differentiation isn't the greatest as all the Abh are elf-like with blue hair, so aside from the really distinctive characters I can get confused. Also it may be the translation for the sub, I'm thinking a lot of the language is high context, but I often don't quite follow what people are saying or what the larger, battle plans are. I don't think the concepts are above my level, but the presentation at times is a bit too fast. Still, I like the characters and many of the interior shots, space battle stuff is ok, intermingling of CGI and animation isn't the greatest. I'll hold off recommendation until I see more, although I do intend to see more.

Ai Yori Aoishi
Romantic comedy type series college student whose arranged fiance was a childhood friend who he hasn't seen since her ran away from his prominent family as a kid after a near fatal beating. I rather liked the male protagonist, guy without much dating experience suddenly having a woman who dotes on him and seems quite willing to fulfill his relatively benign fantasies, and his reaction is to worry and want things to slow down. However, I don't think I can really get into the series because his fiancee, Aoi's main aspiration is to be his wife, little else. She's a believable character and I'm quite willing to accept that as a life style choice, it just doesn't interest me.

Found some auction stuff enticing and cheap enough to consider bidding, but blew too much money getting Bebop's Blue CD and a violinist of Hamelin CD to feel I could really afford to bid. Did by my usual assortment of fanzines though. Oh, on the CDs, I've always loved the songs on Blue, it probably will now be the favorite CD in my collection, I still get a bit choked up by the title track, so I'm glad to have it. Unfortunately the Hamelin CD didn't have the track I was looking for, it was all Japanese and the vendors were less than helpful unfortunately. But Hamelin has good music so I can deal. But my desire for a legal copy of Sizer's theme goes unfulfilled.

Other notes: Waited in Cosplay line for once, don't intend to again. I may go to cosplays but only if I can guarantee being in a group, better seats don't really matter.
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