greg (grysar) wrote,

Overseas rendevous

It appears that I'm actually going to be able to meet Caleb in Waikiki in about an hour.
I'm excited in an appropriately detached and sarcastic way... I love my highschool friends :).

This really excites me because aside from NY I've only met friends or done activities with them close to home, with an exception in NH, California, and once running into Ivan on a canal in a city whose name isn't coming to me.

Neither of use are quite appropriate to this particular scene but its should be fun. I'm fairly proud that I've actually pulled this one off, or at least it seems that way. I'm missing seeing a Volcano side lodge in Maui, but I'll live.

Don't worry Omar and Liz, I have made it to a Maui Taco, and quite enjoyed it. So that will not be missed :).

I had a great time yesterday on a big tour catamaran, but that will take longer to describe than I want to spend at the moment, so it'll make a future entry.
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