greg (grysar) wrote,

Fun with fiction

Surprisingly this is not a political post, and the subjects not in reference to Ari Fleischer's briefings or Michael Moore's rants.

Instead just mentioning that I've done my second fanfiction type thing of note. Technical term probably isn't fan fiction, as it's for an original series created by ardweden that capfox has written for several times before. For the record, it's here. Although it's probably a little late in the game to start reading it, and I don't think the latest part would make a lot of sense out of context. That my part is rather long to read just on a lark. But it's there if you want to see it. The part's actually been up for like a week now, but hey, if I didn't do things just cause I procrastinated to start, I'd hardly do anything at all. :P
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