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Saw my first film in the restored Silver Theater, now operated by the AFI. It's rather an elegant cineplex, restored in a classical art deco style, and as I'm a real fan of art deco, I love it. The screen isn't Uptown big, but it does rival the biggest screen at your average multiplex I'd say. Chairs are comfortable if not amazing, however the rows are nicely spaced leaving a great deal of leg room and negating the need to stand up for passers by. I think I'll continue to take advantage of the classical films they offer.

Saw Le Circle Rouge with Ryan tonight. It was a stylish 70s french crime flick, guess that means I'm not actually boycotting France. Although the movie was presented by John Woo, so who knows where the profits are going.

I've decided that I really like cool crime films. Caper flicks are my favorite sub genre of this group, but I do enjoy the larger category as well. To be clear, I'm not including gangster films in this categorization, although crime flicks will often include gangster characters. From these films I'm looking for style and perhaps occasional gunplay, I don't need nor even desire particularly brutal realism or genuinely evil protagonists, just amoral antiheroes for me thank you. My enjoyment of this particular class of films probably doesn't say the greatest things about me as a film connoisseur, but at least it's a genre that's popular enough to get a good flick every couple years if not more often. My only real problem with them is that there aren't many great roles for women in them, to the point that they perhaps have misogynistic undertones. Which is better than some more explicitly demeaning genres, but still, would it be so hard to write some female characters that weren't all former girlfriends or former/current prostitutes, most of which are only marginally trustworthy? Anyone recommend any good crime flicks with strong female protagonists?
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