greg (grysar) wrote,

Just when France seemed to be getting its act together...

I'd taken some hope at recent French actions in the security council towards Iraq. The French movie to offer suspension of sanctions was a clever play that seemed to be the start of a potentially effective power play towards the reconstruction of Iraq. The Bush administration's response almost seemed pouty which further enhance the chance that France would actually make some headway by acting like the adult in the dispute.

But no, instead theres an effort to form a joint military arrangement with Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Luxembourg! Yeah, that's a real military powerhouse. Although that raises the hope that President Bush will appoint a gay ambassador to Luxembourg out of spite, that'd be bloody cool, if unlikely.

Its really an amazingly stupid ploy. Aside from the laughable military's of two of the 'gang of four' (that's apparently the derisive slang for the group, I like it so I'm going with it) its a really dumb maneuver because it is entirely redundant to the currently underdevelopment European rapid reaction force. President Bush's main policy success in Europe at this point is keeping the continent divided rather than a unified counterweight to American power, this move will likely enhance that success. France and Germany of course make a powerful block. However, if America can consolidate its relationship with a few other prominent Western European countries and the majority of Eastern Europe then the gang of four would be denied the opportunity to lead the entire EU into effectively challenging American hegemony. The interesting question would be who gets Russia or whether it maintains itself as a separate force, but I think its a little early in the game to speculate on that.

I should make clear here that I think this entire geopolitical conflict is rather dumb and my main hope is that Tony Blair will be able to keep the situation under control long enough for President Bush to definitively lose the next election. But really, I never thought that I'd hope more of the worlds leaders were effective realists, by no means my preferred form of leader, but certainly better than a bunch of petulant brats playing at geostrategy.

Side note:
Just saw that we've pulled out of Saudi Arabia, which is sweet, it's a damn good idea that's easy to do without losing face now that the war in Iraq is over. Nice to see President Bush order something smart.
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