greg (grysar) wrote,

Catch up post one

Haven't put anything up for a mix of reasons lately. Prominent has been that my computer has managed to be amazingly flaky. I lost my main storage drive, although thankfully I'll my key programming files were backed up. Less fun, I'll now have to go through the slow painful process of reripping all of my moderately scratchy CDs. More annoyingly, I lost the computer's "My documents" Folder. So for most of my college papers all I left is the hard copies, which will make it harder to fix them up and put them online.

Least with Coby's help I've gained some more skill as a hardware geek. I've switched around motherboards a couple times now (my previous one was from '98 and while top of the line then, can't deal with modern hard drives) acquired a pretty cool new case, and switched all the parts of to it. I'll probably get a new motherboard (the current run causes the processor to run around 120F, within the next week and further augment my techie skills by changing or watching Coby change, the CPU over.

Saw Matrix last night, post on that later. Quick summary, same order of magnitude of enjoyment as the original Matrix. I think that'll hold for most people. I've yet to decide whether I liked it better than the original which I rather did enjoy, so that'll get discussed in my next post.
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