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Many and varied updates

I'm not in the mood for details, so here's a quick run down of things I've been meaning to post about for a bit and haven't.

  • Computer's working again. Actually paid some guys to look it over, and they resolved the remaining problems. Much to my embarrassment a prominent one was that the motherboard wanted two atteachments from the power supply and I only saw one. I feel rather dumb about that, but I'd rather be embarrassed and pay people to fix something than lose any more equipment, money, and time to computer problems at this point.
  • Failed to properly kick ass on the State Oral. Oddly enough, I thought I did better but got a lower score. Overall score is 1-7, this time 5.6 is passing for a political officer. Political officer is a high demand position so most other cones are lower. Last time got a 5.2 this time 4.75. Have no clue why, maybe it was that I mentioned this time that I'd quit if my duties included work towards overthrowing a democracy. :grin:: I'm annoyed about this, but ultimately I knew going in if there was a time in my life to join the foreign service, this isn't yet it. Oddly enough, my pride is more hurt by the computer thing.
  • Colds finally gone and has stayed gone. My apologies to anyone who picked it up from me at Reene's party/paintball. This one was a real bugger and I'm happier now that it's been gone a few days.
  • I intend to do some international travel, probably around late summer, maybe fall. We'll see how work effects this, but ::shrug:: If you're interested in going somewhere and hanging some with me lemme know. I decided after the Oral that I'd go even if it meant going alone, which is why the general announcement rather than specific recruiting I never put much effort into.
  • Still planning to apply to Peace Corps. Probably will also check out the recrtuitment offices at a few intelligence services as the guy I'm doing the big conflict simulator thinks that fits my skills much better, Although applying for both at once is trickey, 'cause the Peace Corps tries very hard to distance inself from America's intelligence services.
  • Programming work is dragging out because I'm going to switch code over from Perl to PL/SQL for a mix of boring reasons.
  • Gonna throw a party in June because it's been too long since my last one. Lemme know if you are interested and when you'd be available. Also, reasons to throw a party would be appreciated. For now I'll just promise I'll cook good food. :P

That's it, thank you, you've been a great audience.
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