greg (grysar) wrote,

This firewall came a tumbling down

So, I installed Norton Personal Firewall because it came with my new motherboard. Trouble is, once I installed it, for some reason it wouldn't give me supervisor status and I had no clue how to fix that. Not surprisingly helpfiles were utterly useless. Surprisingly, the clever thing was capable of preventing me from uninstalling it using add/remove programs because I wasn't a supervisor.

But still, this is my computer, my rules, so I just went through deleting all the files in its directory that weren't protected by a running program. After that it was just a matter of restarrting a lot and ending processes and deleting more programs until the entire directory was gone. I went from being only able to access the net via Mirc, to being able to use everything but AIM. Nicely once the programs protections were gone, WinXP was able to finish the job via add/remove programs, even though I'd deleted the original directory the program resided in. Only then would AIM run again.

Now if only I could find some sort of program to protect my computer from vicious attacks from the outside. :P
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