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Questions are from kamalloy. If you want questions from me, post a comment and I'll get back to you. Side note, some of these answers are a bit flippant, they are also absolutely true, feel free to think I'm nuts. :P

1) If you could pick one, and only one, of James Bond's really cool gadgets for your very own, what would you choose?

Hmmm... Good question. And well worded, as if it was 'gadget from a James Bond movie' I'd so go with an orbital weapons platform. But one of his gadgets.

I'd say the car from Die another Day. Nice equipment, but most important it has optic camoflage, which is just awesome. Not to mention all the other features.

However, not sure if I'd qualify a car as a gadget, so my next choice would be the watch in Live and Let Die that can deflect bullets. Admittedly I'm almost positive that there's no way a watch could provide sufficient magnetic pull that it'd actually work, but that's what they say the watch would do, and it's a really cool feature.

Gadget that would actually work in the real world, that I don't know, I'll post a comment next time I go through a TnT bond-athon.

2) If you could run for any political office, which would it be? Or would you rather be an advisor to a high-ranking politician than hold office yourself? (It's a two part question, I know. I'm cheating. ;p)

Run or hold? Different questions that, I'll go with hold, since at the moment I'm not really interested in any political office I'm capable of winning election for. :P

But, enough of the dodges. President, U.S. (Other countries have presidents too, but I was born here, and hey, we're the hyperpower, so I'm going with it).

As to the second part of your question, I'd rather have the office myself. The responsiblity is killer and their's no one else to blame in those cases when you fail. Worse yet, there are problems that don't have an answer that aren't in some way corrosive to one's soul. I'm an international relations liberal, which means I think that sort of problem is a lot less common than many other people would think, but they are still there.

As for the why, my most important politically formative years were under President Clinton. He is both bright enough and similar to my world view enough that I put a great deal of hope in him. Eight years later... I need a candidate that I could trust to do the right thing, take big risks, and be extremely intelligent about doing both. The number of current politicians I know on the national stage that might meet those qualifications I could count on one hand. If I meet someone who I can put my full faith in, I would be content to advise rather than lead. On a side note, I'd rather hope said person is female and single. :P

3) Let's say that somehow you can gain the powers of one of your role-playing characters. Which one's powerset would you end up with, and why?

For those who don't know, I've currently got three characters. Blayne: Loki cleric/illusionist, Haruko: Healer w/ a couple other powers that haven't been established in game yet, and Jinx: Gambler/Hired gun w/ extrodinary luck.

I'd go with Haruko. Blayne's the most powerful, and probably the most useful powerset, but it's currently tied up in Loki worship, and I really want no part of that. Jinx's powerset similarly has side effects that do not mesh well with my personality, even though they'd be one hell of a lot of fun.

And sorry to be a bit vague on the answer, if anyone wants specifics and isn't worried about spoilers for RSP or Arcana, feel free to ask.

4) If you were given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world with the Peace Corps, where would you go?

East Asia, not sure where exactly because as of yet I haven't done enough research to know what countries we're in and what we're doing there. Asia's gonna be the key continent of at least the next three decades, probably more unless Africa gets its act together. To the degree I focused on a region in my international relations studies, it was East Asia for just that reason, and so I'd like to pick up some more skills.

5) You've come up with the perfect plan for world domination. Would you actually go through with it, or figure that it's too much trouble and you'd probably end up giving the world back anyway after you'd won?

If it's the perfect plan, by my rather exacting standards, then hell yeah. I do feel the need to explain said standards though.

As can be gleaned from my answers to question one and two, I do have meglomanical tendencies. However, regardless of who pulls it off, anything approaching world domination in the classical sense will likely do more harm than can be justified by even good ends.

Now let's say we're going with a looser definition of 'domination' namely raise my banner and impose some of my views accross the world. In this case a viewset consistent with respect for human rights, albiet not pacifism. I'd be a vicious little cultural imperalist and figure out ways to establish liberal democracy in all corners of the world. Trouble is the plan for pulling it off in a lifetime that's moral, even by utilitarian standards, is gonna be damn hard to come up with. Working on it though...

Nonetheless, despite the number of qualifiers in this answer, I still want a bumper sticker that says 'visualize world domination'.
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