greg (grysar) wrote,

Had a RPing character run out of luck last night. My Rising Sun Pioneers (Western/Samurai Hybrid game) character, a gambler called Jinx (who does not resemble Jinx in die another day in the slightest, think male and far less attractive), bit it after rushing into a mexican standoff and failing to negotiate a successful outcome. Was a pretty impressive death too, ricochet shot off his shotgun and through his forehead. It was a case of bad luck worthy of his name.

Nicely enough he and the head rogue got in some nice foreshadowing banter beforehand. The session really played like a season ender, some nice big fights, lots of powers broken out, drama, tension, and a death of a major character. So on that note, I'd request other players don't give the GMs flack for it. Jinx's rashness put him in that position and trust me that death was entirely consistent with vulnerabilities in how he was designed.
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