greg (grysar) wrote,

Cruising at 10 miles below the speed limit

Yesterday, on the way home from the O's game my car got a flat. Mom was driving, meeting me and Grandma at a gas station, thankfully it happened on the 2 minute drive to the station, not on the way back to Washington.

I was sent in the station to ask for help, the manager gave one of those its policy headshakes but I nice stranger came over to help. He handled the jack and advised as I dealt with the lugnuts. He provided a fair amount of guidance including the note, seconded by may parents that one shouldn't drive over 45 on the donut tire. Thanks Kevin, you provably saved me at least 15 minutes and a lot of stress.

So I take Baltimore Washington Parkway, 32, then 29 home. Most of the way the limits 55 and I'm going with cruise control at 43 so as not to deal with my instinctive preference for speed.

Being forced to go slow is quite an experience, can't say I recommend it. Anyways, now Kevin has made me glad I have faith in strangers wouldn't even take money. Just hope I can recognizes the my chances to help.
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