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Survey questions from regyt. You know the drill, if you want to be interviewed, post a comment.

1. What qualities do you think you still need to acquire for your chosen career and how do you intend to obtain them?

Hmm.... I'll limit this to skills that will require some working at. There are other skills, many relating to polisci, that aren't where I need to be, but if I maintain present habits I will have no difficulty getting them to where they need to be.

  • Better discipline.
  • The ability to appear comfortable in any environment, even if it isn't genuine.
  • Develop my oral speaking skills to the point where I need not fear my words will be understood, if not the meaning behind them.
  • Learn to eschew verbosity. More concretely, to learn to get my points across in a manner as simple as the complexity of the topic allows.
  • Writing/editing skills up to the point where I can produce documents with no significant errors quickly.
  • Better skills at organization, name memory, and scheduling sense at least until I can get a damned good executive assistant.
  • Pick up at least a few more languages.

2. How has living with Reene and Coby changed you?

I actually don't know. It has been a hell of a lot of fun and I know I've picked up more knowledge and skills as a result, but otherwise...

Oh, and I have much more appreciation for what it's like living with a pet, and get that over the long term (years, rather than months) it's not something I want to do in the near future. I prefer dealing with things fully capable of taking care of themselves that are good conversationalists. Not that having the cats isn't a lot of fun, even
Gato Diablo, and it certainly is rewarding, but ultimately I get my energy by dealing with people.

3. What is the highest office you desire? What is the highest office you could be happy with? What is the highest office you realistically think you will reach?

a) Highest available that's consistent with liberal-democracy. So, no real limit
b) Cabinet level, but only if I'm given a great deal of autonomy.
c) Damned if I know. I'll need to work harder, but there are too many variables to give an honest answer. If I know what said answer is, trust me, I'm not telling myself either.

4. Do you still observe more than you interact, even when with close friends? Why?

This didn't really show at the last party, but I was sick, so interacting at anything but the easiest level was more effort than I felt like exerting. Hence no 'Once Upon a Time' as I do love that game, but it was beyond me at that moment. Much to my annoyance.

Not so much. I observe while interacting when I feel I don't have anything interesting to say.

How confident I feel with whomever I'm interacting with makes a big difference, but for those I'm close with and those whose opinions don't really matter to me I'm much less likely to just observe. You're a special case Regyt as I have a harder time coming up with things that I think will be interesting to you. However, I'm content with the fact that while we may not talk all the time, we can when there's something interesting to be said or fun to do. Moreover, I've realized that I needn't worry that just because I haven't spoken with you for a while that our friendship is in peril.

The reason for this is that I've grown more confident over time. Whole bunch of reasons for that, but a principle one is that I've conquered my fear of losing friends. I pulled that off, not surprisingly, by losing one. It was easily one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life, but I dealt with it. And while I certainly made mistakes early on, toward the end I chose to act like who I am, and not who I'd need to be to keep the friend, and I haven't regretted it since.

So my current policy is that if friends cease to be charmed but what I consider to be my unending appeal, fuck 'em, hope they have a nice life.

5. Do you think you have suffered sufficiently in your life?

Interesting question, I'm quite sure of my answer at the moment. Although it may have been different at one point, but perhaps not.

Yeah. I don't see suffering as strictly a necessary thing. My liberal guilt doesn't work that way. I do feel an obligation to help people who are suffering, but while that may involve some sacrifice, it needn't necessarily rise to the level of suffering. I'll be the first to admit that I've lived a damned easy life, and sometimes that makes it a bit hard to relate to people who are going through rather hard times, but I feel no need to go through such times myself.

Ultimately, my lifestyle doesn't contribute to the suffering of other humans, my college fund wasn't built on the blood of the exploited working class. I could certainly do more to help other people, and intend to, but I don't see the world as a zero sum game where every benefit I enjoy is taken away from someone else.

Now, have I worked hard enough in my life? That answer is a resounding no. I've got some of my achievements too easy, although it seems like at this point to accomplish more I will have to work a commiserate amount, which is actually strangely comforting. This work will involve some suffering I think, but it's a side effect and not the primary motivator. If I could accomplish what I desire in a moral manner without any suffering to myself as a side effect than I'd go for it.

Self-flagellation is for chumps and masochists. I am neither.
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