greg (grysar) wrote,

Otakon Report

Had a terrific time, a bit to my surprise my point of diminishing returns in terms of attending cons still seems a while off. Less of the college crew was there, although kagami and kamalloy were both there which balanced that out a bit. I think I've really mastered the art of figuring out how to maximize my entertainment which for me is a balance of doing things with other people and going off on my own when meetings aren't working or can't find something that's mutually interesting. Anyways..

Animatrix (35 mm): I enjoyed it, but mostly it just felt like a book of middling hard scifi and animated it. I enjoyed both Matrix and Reloaded, in addition I'm looking forward to the final movie. However, it doesn't really entice me otherwise. I can't quite put my finger on why I felt so ambivalent about it when I thought a few of the bits shone.

Nanaka 6/17: Anime about a senior highschool student that after a concussion thinks she's six. It was hilarious and rather touching at times, I'm glad Shimin recommended that we go to it (her, me and Danny, we stuck together most of Friday).

Onmyoji (live action movie) This was apparently the biggest movie in Japan after Spirited Away came out. 15th century Taoist priest battling using magic mixing in legendary characters. It wasn't very good. The effects weren't all that impressive for a modern film, the plot was defiantly B-movie, and there was far more fun to be had mocking it than watching straight up. Would have walked out if I wasn't with kagami, but with the two of us making witty comments, it was actually pretty fun. Oh, and my favorite bit of the movie was an interesting bit of subbing. One of the heros holds a dying woman in his arms who tells him "You're the last man in the world that I want...", several seconds of laughter latter she continues " see me this way." The speaking was continuous, so either the subbing is tongue in cheek or someone really wasn't paying attention.

Mystical Detective Loki: Pretty enjoyable first few eps. I liked the characters and the plots seemed fairly interesting. I'd want to see more before buying anything though as it's more enjoyable than compelling. I do particularly like the heroine, whose a bit of a spaz but in a rather likable assertive way.

Bandit King Jing: Fun action reminiscent of Slayers Next (I haven’t watched original slayers yet) although a bit more random and episodic. The first four eps were good, although the only continuing characters at this point are Jing and his comic relief bird. They’re both good characters, but I tend to feel such a series is more fun with more continuing supporting cast. Hopefully the writers are of a similar opinion.

More reviews and Otakon stuff may come later.
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